All Star Cheer

All Star Cheer

All NWPA teams constantly place at the top of their divisions and earn PAID bids to Summit. Black Ice was undefeated in WA, ID and OR for the 2019/20 season and Warriors placed top 3 at Summit. In 2019/20 Lady Warriors became your NCA DALLAS NATIONAL CHAMPIONS!

NW Power Athletics is were “Champions are made on and off the Mat” and we have a team for you!

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Cheer 101

This class is designed for athletes who want to learn the basics of Allstar cheer. This includes stunting, jumps, tumbling and more!

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All Star Prep

Our Allstar prep program is great for athletes of all ages and skill levels! Allstar Prep is perfect for any Athlete wanting to try the sport of Allstar Cheer. Your athlete will learn to stunt, tumble, jump and more with NWPA’s best coaches at an affordable price for you and your family! This team trains 2 hours per week, includes a 1 hour tumbling class and will compete locally at 2-3 competitions. 


High School Stunt & Tumble

This is a class uniquely designed for high school cheerleaders who want to improve their group stunting, partner stunting and tumbling skills. If you are a current high school cheerleader or you are new and will be trying out for high school cheer, this is the class for you. All levels welcome!




This class focuses on training body positions and the skills needed to excel as a competitive flyer. This class is perfect for any flyer wanting to take their skills to the next level. Athletes will increase their core strength, flexibility and over all body strength.


This class focuses on bases, back spots and flyers. Your athlete will receive hands on experience while learning grips and technique in all levels of stunting.

Tumbling (All Levels)

Jumps Class

This class is great for any athlete who wants to improve and strengthen their jumps!